Mills bags VSDA Speedcar opener

Echuca’s Travis “Squizzy” Mills drove superbly last night to best a stellar field of Speedcars and win the season opening event at Avalon Raceway.

“The track’s a little tricky, it’s got a bit more drive than most of us expected but I can feel the improvements in the car and engine from last year.” Stated Mills earlier in the evening. “It’s great to have so many cars here to start the season and they’re all good cars so I know it’s not going to be easy to win and I and the rest of field are looking forward to the challenge.”

Coming home second with his fresh off the boat new acquisition was Geelong’s Domain Ramsey who was in a barnstorming mood with a couple of demon restart sliders elevating his position throughout the event which was declared  a few laps early when Tasmanian Champion Joe Lostitch rolled to bring on the second red light of the final.

“I just spun and tried to keep my foot into it and it just stood up and fell over.” was his honest assessment.

A fine third place belonged to Sydney based teenager Kaidon Brown who had to work hard throughout the feature.

After some brilliant heat racing and some upside down moments for Justin McMinn and Keith Astrella it was a slightly unexpected line up come feature time with some of the more fancied runners a little further back than usual which promised some great racing action.

Jackson was on pole from Parker, Mills, Matt Papa, Andy Pearce, Ash Booker, Ramsey, Lostitch, Brown, Glen Shaw, Ryan McKenna, Jack Day, Toby and Craig Smith, Dillon Ghent and Troy Wooley. David Alford and Astrella had machine issues and were unable to start the main as was Mike Griffith whose car refused to fire also.

Rookie Dillon Ghent was showing some great speed until lap 3 of the final when Andy Pearce spun and Ramsey steered onto the infield to avoid him sending up a dust cloud that obscured vision. With other cars spinning and stopping Ghent was unable to see the carnage too clearly and “it all went to poo from there” as he hit the wall and showered the sky in sparks as he flipped.

On the restart Parker led Matt Jackson and Mills away who’d already shown he had good speed.

Jack Day then spun on lap 6 and still Parker was leading but not for long as Mills soon took the lead.

The Smith family then held a family reunion on lap 9 when young Toby tagged the back of Uncle Craig spinning them both out and tipping Toby over.

From there the race ran some consistent fast laps until the Lostitch roll brought proceedings to an early end.

Final results were Mills, Ramsey, Brown, Parker, Ash Booker, Jackson, Glen Shaw, Matt Papa and Craig Smith.

Papa stormed to the win in heat 1 from Ramsey and Lostitch, while Jackson scored a first up win for his new car owner in heat 2 from Brown and Pearce.

Mills adjusted the car to win heat 3 from Shaw and Pearce while Parker won heat 4 from Booker and Lostitch.