Sandown 500 Seatbelt Gate Busted

With “Seatbelt Gate” still on the front page I want to spend a few minutes showing you how much time and effort it would take to cheat in this department.

The picture is of a standard FIA Standard 8853-2016 Belt buckle.

As you can clearly see only three holes are available to be pinned off and only three configurations are able to be ordered from the manufacturer.  From those three configurations you can choose ONE and only ONE under the FIA Standard.  

The pin is in the crutch position on this buckle. So to lock off any other configuration serious remanufacturing would need to occur.

In this image you see a hole would need to be drilled in just the right location.  It would need to be perfectly located to make the rest of the mechanism still work and release the other tongues as required.

You would need to totally disassemble the buckle, order or make new parts and reassemble.  However by doing this you have totally changed from an approved and tested product to an unapproved and totally illegal product.   Without even stating the obvious, Safety is paramount and this is why all seatbelts must be extensively tested and certified by the FIA for use in competition.

If anyone thinks what happened at Sandown in the Supercar Series with “Seatbelt Gate” is acceptable, they need to go have a good hard look at themselves!

Altering approved devices and zip tying belts together has been outlawed by the FIA for 18 months.  

If serious penalties are not handed down to ALL offending teams it will just show the system is a total joke.