Bundaberg Shed Alliance Speedway


With the season about to commence in the warmer northern state of Queensland it’s all systems Go! Well sort of!

This season’s bad politics and un-sportsman like behaviour has started early for some.

With more and more venues becoming multi-purpose facilities, public liability insurance has again raised its ugly head and some venue operators are attempting to use this as a weapon to maintain their market position and to make it extremely difficult for opposition promoters.

When a venue on 100 acres operates as a speedway for over 50 years, has a purpose built motor-cross track, a go kart track, an off road track, conducts music concerts and other money making ventures on the property it is what it has to do to remain financially viable and stay afloat into the future.   It’s good business practice to have multiple revenue streams.

Operating a venue in this difficult economic climate is extremely challenging and one must be a forward thinker at all times. We need the support of the car classes as they too need us to offer new driving challenges and tracks for their members to race at.

Some heavily promoted or preferred insurance policies don’t cover venues for anything except speedway events.  Ironically this hasn’t stopped some in Queensland demanding venues use that product even though this product doesn’t cover the venue for all of its other activities year round.

Some in Queensland with vested interests are spreading all sorts of mistruths to clubs, associations and to drivers in an attempt to monopolize the industry.   Just because a venue purchases another brand of insurance doesn’t automatically make it inferior.  In fact, most alternative/equivalent policies are superior in their coverage and as long as the government and regulatory authorities approve its use, the sport, clubs, associations and drivers should have nothing to worry about.

In recent years, Victorian independent promoters utilising specialist insurance brokers confirmed that a policy that is specific to a single venue is far superior to one like the Speedway Australia coverage which is diluted depending on how many tracks are operating under that single blanket policy on any given night.

Rest assured that Bundaberg Carina Speedway is open for business with quality insurance in place and all divisions are more than welcome to participate.

Competition in any market place is good.   Some track operators however would rather try to create a monopoly and stifle speedway growth, restricting regional spectators from viewing car classes, thereby reducing sponsorship opportunities and stop legal racing opportunity choices by clubs, drivers and car owners. This cannot be tolerated in our freethinking country. Do not accept this nonsense. Keep ownership of your sport.