Speedway New Zealand Statement

The Board of Midas Speedway New Zealand acknowledges that the timing and the way we presented the new online safety training and test system was unsatisfactory, and we apologise for this error.

We have since consulted, and the majority of the feedback we have received shows that the concept is acceptable but not the manner in which it was delivered.

We have listened to that feedback and it has been agreed that the online training and test will remain available to our members for them to undertake, but on a voluntary basis. Details of those members who complete and pass the course will be held on file.

The content of this course is educational and does deliver information that will be of benefit to those competitors who choose to participate.

The data collected from course participants and an analysis of the information provided on the site will then be presented to the members in attendance at the 2018 AGM for their consideration.

With this matter now resolved, online licensing is once again live.

John McCallum

Midas Speedway New Zealand