New South Wales Government BANS greyhound racing. Big win for Speedway

News has just broken in New South Wales about a major shake up in the Greyhound industry.

The New South Wales Government has announced it will end greyhound racing in the state from July 1 2017.

It comes after a special commission of inquiry found overwhelming evidence of systemic animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting.

Premier Mike Baird said the findings of the report were damning.

He said the industry was not capable in the short or medium term of reforming and in the coming months the Government would be working toward an orderly shutdown.

NSW will become the first Australian state or territory to ban greyhound racing.

So the question is now being asked,  What could possibly happen to some of these fantastic venues.

Take for instance Gosford.  It has a greyhound track around the outside and a speedway track on the inside.   Could this facility now be turned into a Solo, Sidecar and Dirt Kart MegaPlex with unlimited opportunities?   The answer is YES it could!   Some major lobbying will need to be done and a very good case of financial and industry responsibility tabled but I recon its possible.  Imagine a true home for the Australian Speedway GP.

Richmond and a few venues in the Newcastle area could easily be converted and used as a multi facet facility which could include Speedway.

One industries pain is another ones gain one could say.

Not all venues will be saved.  Clearly some will be sold as they are in prime locations.  Wentworth Park could be one of those.

Im going to stay on this and find out as much as I can in the coming weeks to ensure if just one venue could be used as a permanent home for speedway it will be lobbied and lobbied hard.