Bowe to Drive a Holden in TCM...... WTF

John's release on his social media site.

"I confirmed today I'll park Mustang Sally for this weekend's Touring Car Masters round at Winton Raceway.

I've accepted Gary O'Brien's invitation to drive his new Torana SLR 5000. For me, it's a great challenge as I love to play a role in developing cars.

It's what I've done throughout my career. It's not the first time I've raced a Holden either.

I've driven a couple. Who remembers the 1980 'Race of Champions'? I drove a Commodore in that race and I actually won.

Mustang Sally is still race prepped and ready to go... I've spoken to Steve Johnson about having another steer in Sally. We'd need to raise a budget though.

I don't think I could have anyone else drive her so I'm hoping he can join us during the year.

Gary and his Bendigo Retro Muscle Cars team have done a remarkable job building the SLR 5000.

If you're at Winton, make sure you swing past the TCM garages and take a look for yourself. "

Cheers JB